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Size 40x30cm Cool Gelmat Pillow Cooling Pad Made In Japan

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Provides cooling for up to 60 minutes
Gel-mats start to re-cool automatically when not in contact with body just roll over to the other side
Nylon side for more cooling, mesh side for less cooling
Odor resistant and easy to clean by hand
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Revolutionary gel core absorbs body heat

Provides cooling relief for one hour; easily refreshes itself while you move

Decreases body temperature to promote a good nights sleep

Cold gel mat helps relieve night sweats and hot flashes

Can safely come in contact with skin or placed under a sheet or inside pillowcase

Designed to be used most anywhere, over and over again

No source of energy or refrigeration required

Blue self-cover with non-toxic gel center

Hand wash only, air dry

Store away from direct heat at room temperature

Size: 40 x 30cm

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