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Final Breath

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Author By: John Francome Status: Avaialble

With a blossoming career as a trainer and a beautiful fiancee - Mariana - everything is going Simon Waterford's way.
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ISBN: 9780755352951

Categories: Fiction Fiction Books

Tags Paper Back

But as Simon boards the train leaving Royal Ascot with Mariana and his Uncle Geoff, not everyone is in the mood for a celebration. Mariana has a secret that could wreck everything - Geoff knows what she's hiding and he's prepared to reveal the truth. But when two louts start picking on Mariana, a brawl erupts in the carriage. In a matter of moments, Mariana is left tending to Simon, while his uncle lies dead on the floor. Is this just an unfortunate twist of fate for Mariana, or something far more sinister? Either way, her secret is safe. For now...

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Publish 2008
Edition -
Number of Pages 374


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