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The Little Book of Lost Words
The founder of History Hustle presents a handy guide for expressing yourself with history's best words.

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Notes from Underground
The text for this edition of Notes from Underground is Michael Katz’s acclaimed translation of the 1863 novel, which is introduced and annotated specifically for English-speaking readers.

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100 Words Almost Everyone Mixes Up or Mangles
100 Words Almost Everyone Mixes Up or Mangles presents words that people can’t keep straight, no matter how hard they try.

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One (100) Words Almost Everyone Mispronounces
Have you ever been told that a certain word you use is correctly pronounced in a different way? And what about those words with more than one pronunciation -- does it matter which one you use

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Every Word Is a Bird We Teach to Sing: Encounters with the Mysteries and Meanings of Language
A mind-expanding, deeply humane tour of language by the bestselling author of Born on a Blue Day and Thinking in Numbers.

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Windows on the World: Fifty Writers, Fifty Views
Fifty of the world’s greatest writers share their views in collaboration with the artist Matteo Pericoli, expanding our own views on place, creativity, and the meaning of home

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