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Birds: Myth, Lore and Legend

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Why are owls regarded either as wise or as harbingers of doom? What gave rise to the fanciful belief that storks bring babies? Why is the eagle associated with victory or the hummingbird with paradise?
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The answers are here in this new and engaging book. By re-telling the many legends, beliefs, proverbs and predictions associated with more than 80 birds from many nations, it brings into focus the close – and often ancient – links between humans and these remarkable feathered descendants of dinosaurs. Discover, for instance:

How to dispel bad luck if you see this black-and-white bird
The South-American 'devil bird' once thought to be a dragon
Birds: lore, myth and legend draws on historical accounts and scientific literature to reveal how colourful tales or superstitions were shaped by human imagination from each bird's behaviour or appearance. It offers an enchanting and different perspective on birds across the world.

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