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Kindness: Change Your Life and Make the World a Kinder Place

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Author By: Gill Hasson Status: Avaialble

Rediscover kindness and rediscover your worth
Have you ever helped someone out of instinct, because not helping never even occurred to you?
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ISBN: 9780857087522

Categories: Non Fiction Motivation & Self help

Tags Paper Back

Remember how surprised you were at their gratitude? It is easy to feel like kindness and gratitude are becoming rare in the world today, but the truth is that it is all around you — you just need to learn how to see it. Kindness shows you how to do just that, and inspires you to take part with tips, ideas, recommendations and advice. You will learn to see yourself and your surroundings in a kinder, happier way.

Publisher Capstone
Publish 2018
Edition -
Number of Pages 191


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