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All About Derivatives (All About Series)

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Author By: Michael Durbin Status: Avaialble

All About Derivatives, Second Edition, presents the complex subject of financial derivatives with a clarity and coherence you won’t find in other books.
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ISBN: 9780071743518

Categories: Non Fiction Business Studies

Tags Paper Back

Using real-world examples and simple language, it lucidly illustrates what derivatives are and why they are so powerful. This second edition of All About Derivatives provides a rock-solid foundation on:

  • The most common contracts available to you in today's market
  • Key concepts such as cost of carry, settlement, valuation, and payoff
  • Proven methods for establishing fair value
  • How leverage can work for you--and against you
  • The various derivative contracts traded today, including forwards, futures, swaps, and options
  • Pricing methods and mathematics for determining fair value
  • Hedging strategies for managing and reducing different types of risk
Publisher McGraw Hill Education
Publish 2011
Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 272


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