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Delivering Authentic Arts Education

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Author By: Judith Dinham Status: Avaialble

This practical text helps student teachers develop their confidence, understandings and skills so that they can effectively and authentically teach arts in primary and middle school classrooms
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ISBN: 9780170236157

Categories: Non Fiction Architecture & Fine Arts

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Delivering Authentic Arts Education outlines the true nature of arts education and its importance in the curriculum, emphasising the arts as forms of creative activity, meaning-making and expression in a cultural context. Written in the context of the Australian Curriculum: The Arts, this new edition makes it easy for students to connect to curriculum documents. Chapters discuss how to recognise and build on your existing artistic abilities and pedagogical skills, how to encourage childrena s creativity, and the general principles of planning and assessment. It then examines the five arts areas: dance, drama, media arts, music and visual arts. The final part of the text contains sample learning activities and resources that demonstrate how to plan an effective lesson within a unit of inquiry. Practical tips, classroom a snapshotsa , example activities and ideas for programs show you the links between theory and practice so you can develop arts education experiences that are purposeful, stimulating and engaging for everyone.

Publisher Cengage Learning
Publish 2014
Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 396


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