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Scrivener's Moon (Fever Crumb)

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Author By: Philip Reeve Status: Avaialble

The final adventure in Philip Reeve's brilliant Fever Crumb trilogy.
The Scriven people are brilliant, mad--and dead.
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ISBN: 9781407121574

Categories: Fiction Fiction Books

Tags Paper Back

All except one, whose monstrous creation is nearly complete--a giant city on wheels. New London terrifies the rest of the world, and an army of mammoth-riders gathers to fight it. Meanwhile, young Fever Crumb begins a hunt for Ancient technology in the icy strongholds of the north. She finds a mysterious black pyramid full of secrets. It will change her world forever.

Scrivener's Moon follows Fever Crumb and A Web of Air to complete one of the most exciting and inventive fantasy adventures series ever written.

Publisher Scholastic
Publish 2011
Edition -
Number of Pages 348


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